Bearing Burdens

March 11, 2018 • Pastor Jeff Johnston • Galations 6:2

BIG IDEA: Helping others is a high priority and high reward activity. POINT 1: If we can't be inconvenienced, we'll never be an influential. POINT 2: We choose availability, God chooses opportunity. POINT 3: We can't become a help, if we're always looking for help. POINT 4: Bearing a burden will break a budget. POINT 5: Helping others is heaping up harvest.

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Special Online Service

April 15, 2018 • Pastor Jeff Johnston

As a result of the April 15th ice storm cancellations, a special “online service” was filmed at Calvary to share with our church. Join us for some ‘unplugged’ worship and a devotional from Pastor Jeff.

GOAT (Part 02)

April 8, 2018 • Pastor Jeff Johnston

BIG IDEA: Jesus is the greatest shepherd of all time. POINT 1: What makes a good shepherd? He pays a price. POINT 2: What makes a good shepherd? He offers protection. POINT 3: What makes a good shepherd? He makes it personal. POINT 4: What makes a good shepherd? He has a plan. POINT 5: What makes a good sheep? Listening & following. POINT 6: A life of following leads to a life of filling.

Case Dismissed

March 31, 2018 • Pastor Jeff Johnston

Join us as Pastor Jeff shares a special message from our Good Friday service.