Hebrew Numerology

Shalom and welcome to a new series. And the title of this series is called Hebrew numerology. Now, we need to be very careful because many times when people hear that they assume something different than what I intend.

Biblical Festivals

The feasts of the LORD, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts"

The Book of Leviticus

The word Leviticus derives from the tribe of Levi, whose members were set aside by the Lord to be His priests and worship leaders.

The Book of Luke

Luke’s interest in people is undeniable. Much of the material unique to Luke’s gospel involves Jesus’s interactions with individuals, many of them on the fringes of “acceptable” society—sinners, women, and children among them.

Doctrine Studies

Frequently we come across biblical passages that are quite difficult to understand, because we don't have a biblical doctrine?

The Book of Zephaniah

The Book of Zephaniah is probably best known for being the least known book of the entire Bible. It is a small book, nestled in the midst of the Minor Prophets, toward the end of the Old Testament.

The Book of Nahum

The fall of Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire, provided the occasion for this prophetic oracle. The mighty Assyrian Empire, which had long been a threat to the smaller nations of the ancient Middle East, was a particular menace to the Israelite people.

The Book of Second Peter

Peter introduced himself at the beginning of the letter as “a bond-servant and apostle of Jesus Christ,” and he addressed the letter “to those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours”

The Book of Malachi

The final book of the Old Testament, Malachi received its name from its author (Malachi 1:1). In Hebrew, the name comes from a word meaning “messenger,” which points to Malachi’s role as a prophet of the Lord, delivering God’s message to God’s people.

The Book of Second Thessalonians

The end times are very important to God. Because the End Times represent a transition, a transition from this world into the kingdom of God, and every one who is Kingdom minded. They're going to be someone that's interested in what the Word of God has to say about these changes in the last day.

LoveIsrael.org Questions

Great Questions - Scriptural Answers

The Book of Joshua

At times of our life, we go through a transition, there are new things that we're called to experience and new things that we're called to do, if we're going to be in God's will. And this is true for the one whose book bears his name, and I'm speaking about Yehosha, that is Joshua the son of Nun. No

The Book of First Thessalonians

We're going to begin a new book, Paul's first epistle to the Thessalonians. So I'd invite you to take out your Bible and look there with me first Thessalonians

The Book of Habakkuk

Trusting God In Troubled Times

Lost in Translation with Dr. Baruch Korman

A lot of treasures have been Lost in Translation, Dr. Baruch Korman aims to discover them for believers

The Book of Romans

We are going to begin this evening a very significant study. And I'm speaking about beginning the book of Romans for a believer and I want to emphasize that for a believer, there is not a more significant book than the book of Romans. Because the apostle Paul, he lays out so many biblical truths,

The Book of Third John

When a person studies a particular passage in the Scripture, he will find that frequently within that passage, there are key words, words that have for that passage, great significance. And that can be extended frequently throughout not just that passage, but throughout that entire book. And still y

The Book of Second John

God wants you to believe the truth so that you might walk in love. And what is he referring to here? It is only when we believe godly doctrine. That is the revelation that God gives to us in His Word, only then through that doctrine, that truth, are we going to be able to demonstrate the love of God

The Book of First Peter

The times they are changing. We are in the midst of a transition. And the question that I want to pose to each of us not just tonight, but throughout this weekend is this When these things begin to become more intense persecution for walking and faithfulness? How are you going to respond? Will your

The Book of Second Timothy

Paul had a special appreciation, a deep and abiding love for a young man by the name of Timothy. Last week, we completed his first epistle to this young man and to save it. We're going to begin his second epistle, Second Timothy and chapter one. And in this first section of chapter one, Paul reveals

The Book of First Timothy

There is no scholarly consensus as to the authorship of the Johannine works. The author of the First Epistle is termed John the Evangelist, who most scholars believe is not the same as John the Apostle.