Summer 2018 Chapel

Links for Taking Notes

Dwayne Cline: June 30 to July 7

Music: Luke Langman • June 30, 2018 • Dwayne Cline

Dwayne Cline has been the lead pastor of Hughson St. Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario since January 1995. He was raised in rural Ontario. God saved him at a young age. After graduating from Tyndale College, God called him to pastor in the heart of Hamilton. The North End of Hamilton was the third poorest community in Canada when Dwayne started pastoring the church. Hughson St has planted a church in the East end of the city where the principal shared that 85% of the children at the school don’t speak English on their first day. Dwayne married Aimee in 1998 and they have four children. They are also business owners with a storefront Aimee runs in Hamilton. Dwayne speaks in a variety of forums across the country. He looks forward to being back at MBC.

Brett McBride: Jun 30 to Jul 7

Music: Luke Langman • Brett McBride

Brett McBride is the Lead Pastor of The Peoples Church Toronto, a multicultural congregation of over 4000 members in the heart of the city, with strong international partners across the globe. Brett’s messages are broadcast through the TV ministry Living Truth, which is viewed in over 60 countries. Prior to being the Lead Pastor, Brett had lived out his calling as a frontline missionary with UrbanPromise Toronto, where he raised up leaders from among at-risk youth growing up in low-income urban neighbourhoods. He is passionate about sharing God’s word, and speaks pointedly about how our resources in Christ equip us for action. Brett currently lives in Toronto with his wife Stephanie and their 2 sons. He recharges through quality time with his family, playing basketball, snowboarding, running, and reading.