Who Did That?

April 10, 2022 • Pastor Aaron Robinson • John 9:1–12

Who Did That?
From the sermon series Road to Resurrection
John 9:1-12
Pastor Aaron Robinson

When Difficulties come people will:
i. Blame you
ii. Shame you
iii. Show disdain for you

Life's challenges will affect our:
i. Character
ii. Contact
iii. Creditability

Jesus can take:
i. Nasty and make it nice (dirt and saliva)
ii. Ordinary and make extraordinary (water)
iii. Everyday and make it Everlasting

God uses our difficulties and challenges for:
i. Kingdom Glory
ii. Divine Creativity
iii. Holy Help

Our interaction with Jesus:
i. Open eyes
ii. Heals hurt bodies/souls
iii. Changes dead situations

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