Student Devotionals

Hey MVBC students and families! Our videos and small group questions will be are here. This is a great resource to walk through material as a family, or catch up if you miss a week. We hope and pray this resource helps you grow closer to Jesus and to those around you.

5 Gs - God's People

5 Gs - Grace

5 Gs - Guilt

Rev. Matt Boschen

5 Gs - Good

Rev. Matt Boschen

Make It Matter Session 4

Make It Matter Session 3

Make It Matter Session 2

Make It Matter Session 1

Why Do I - Part 7

March 14, 2021

How Do I - Part 6 - Live On Mission

How Do I Pray - Part 5 - How Do I Be a Friend?

How Do I Pray - Part 4

How Do I Read My Bible? Part 3

Resource: Faith Conversation Guide for Parents of Middle Schoolers

How Do I read my Bible? Part 2

Rev. Matt Boschen