Advent: Hope

Isaiah 7:7-10

December 2, 2018 • Andy Hoot

What is that thing that if you lost it, would make your life no longer worth living? We all put our hope in something––whether it's the God of the Bible or something else. This week, we investigate God's method of providing hope to all people as we kick off our four-week long Advent series.

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Advent: Love

Isaiah 9:1-7 • December 9, 2018 • Jan Vezikov

The best part about the Christmas season is the Christmas spirit. The Christmas spirit infuses the air with generosity, grace, and love. Everyone seems to be a little nicer–even in Boston. People don't push quite as forcefully on the T. They don't lay on the horn quite as long. They don't tailgate quite as closely. Why? What is it about the Christmas Spirit that changes people? And why can't we live like this year-round?