Hybrid Missional Model

Pastor Molly DuQue

Welcome to Mosaic Chapel. We exist to help people grow closer to God. People seem to do that best in smaller communities where they can build friendships and interact with each other because of that Mosaic Chapel has a non-traditional church model called hybrid-missional. Instead of a regular church we are a collection of home based communities. These home groups include study, discussion and of course food. As we grow some groups will be Bible studies, some life skills like parenting or marriage and all will have community. Some groups also have a kids class. Home groups meet 2-3 times per month. All of these groups then come together for a large gathering once a month. Including music, Bible teaching, launching new home groups and sharing stories of life change that is happening at Mosaic Chapel. People are welcome to join through a home group or a large gathering and as groups grow we'll start more. We're excited to do church in a different way and see people grow closer to God in the process. A mosaic is a collection of unique pieces brought together by a master artist to form a beautiful and compelling picture. Welcome to Mosaic Chapel.

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