Daily Devotional

Wednesday, July 1st - “Sardis” Scripture: Revelation 3:1-6 Of all the churches mentioned in Revelation, to me, the account of the church in Sardis is the saddest. Once upon a time Sardis was the capital city of the empire of Lydia... a very wealthy and prominent city, and a very strong church. A church with many great deeds and a reputation of being full of life... but no more. The church of Sardis was not finishing the great work it had begun... it’s reputation was merely that, a reputation, no longer an active, thriving body of believers doing the work of the Lord. And yet the Lord encourages, “strengthen what remains... remember what you have received and heard... hold fast and repent.” I hope this challenges you today. We often are quick to blame the immorality and lawlessness we see in our country on “not being the country we used to be”. But the morality of a country was never the result of just laws and righteous judicial orders, but rather a righteous church, repentant of personal sin and fully confident in the Truth of God’s Word. It’s time church... let’s strengthen what remains and see the power of the hand of God lift our nation out of the spiritual spiral we find ourselves in. The rest of the story... Sardis is now known by the name Sart in the country of Turkey. A completely abandoned village, with broken monuments and ruins the only sign of a former thriving existence. “Jesus, we repent of sinful ways and we ask for your mercy... that we would be a church that does not live on reputation but walks boldly in your salvation and in the power of the Spirit.”

Friday June 26th Devotional

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