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All Worship Sunday

Preston Sprinkle

People to be Loved • February 28, 2018 • Preston Sprinkle

Yamping Sermon 5

Pastor David Thaten

Yamping Sermon 4

Pastor David Thaten

Yamping Sermon 3 part 2

Pastor David Thaten

Yamping Sermon 3 part 1

Pastor David Thaten

Yamping Sermon 2

Pastor David Thaten

Yamping Sermon 1

Pastor David Thaten


November 12, 2016 • DR. ROSALIND GOODRICH

Depression affects everyone. If you’re not depressed yourself, you most likely know someone who is afflicted in this way. Our speaker is Dr. Rosalind Goodrich, a gifted professional and wonderful communicator. She will define depression and its affects, and give us some helpful tools in dealing with it—in ourselves and with others. We’ll also have time for Q & A with a panel of counselors.

Civic Engagement: Serving Our Community

February 20, 2016 • Pastor Scott Nelson, Commissioner Kevin Cameron, Guest Panel

One way we can serve God by serving our community is through civic engagement. Pastor Scott shares a biblical view of citizenship, and Commissioner Kevin Cameron and a guest panel shares practical ways you can be involved – from voting to serving in elected office. Political preparedness – we all need it!

Sex in the Post-Modern Story

Corban Lectureship with Dr. Sarah C. Williams • September 22, 2015 • Dr. Sarah C. Williams

Williams serves on the faculty of Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., as Research Professor, History of Christianity. A specialist in the field of nineteenth- and twentieth-century social and cultural history, she focuses her research on the relationship between religion and culture. Morning Star was pleased to host this timely and relevant lectureship.

Dr Sharpe - Families Part 1

Dr Jack Sharpe

Dr Sharpe - Families Part 2

Dr Jack Sharpe