February 14, 2021 • Craig Smith • Matthew 9:1–13

This week's message addresses the hidden epidemic of shame. Within our culture, shame is a barrier between ourselves and connecting with God. This shame is not something that God intended for us. In fact, Jesus hates shame because it is something that drives us from God, rather than drawing us near. Instead, Jesus offers mercy as a remedy for shame, inviting you to come closer.


March 7, 2021 • Craig Smith • John 4:1–26

Whenever we publicly align with a group, we have the possibility of alienating people who are not of that group. Our mission as Christians is to follow Christ's example of extending friendship and building relationships, not getting bogged down in rule enforcement and judgment of others.


February 28, 2021 • Craig Smith • Mark 5:25–34

This week Craig addresses shame that stems from something happening to us, rather than when we have done something which brings us shame. He walks us through examples of how Jesus freed others from their shame and how he wants the same for you.


February 21, 2021 • Reza Zadeh • John 8:1–11

When shame screams, reminding you of what you've done, the God who stoops, kneels down and whispers, reminding you of who you are. God did not intend for you to carry the burden of shame. Jesus was sent, not to condemn, but to save you from sin and its separation from God.