The Common Bond of Desperation

Mark 5:21-43

October 7, 2018 • Pastor Mickey Brackin

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Oct 28- Will I say Yes Lord?

Lesson: “Will I Say, ‘Yes, Lord’?” Scripture: Matthew 9:27-31 Lesson Goal: To better understand the validation of Jesus’ Messiahship as He heals two blind men. Introduction: Following the raising of Jairus’ daughter, both Mark and Matthew tell us that He left and journeyed back to “His hometown.” As He journeyed, Matthew offers us the account of two blind men ap- proaching Jesus with the desire to be healed of their blindness.

Oct 21-Dont Let Life's Interuption stop your faith

Lesson: “Don’t Let Life’s Interruption Stop Your Faith” Scripture: Mark 5:21-43-key Passage Mark 5:35-43 Lesson Goal: To better understand what a great Savior-Jesus. Introduction: We ended last weeks lesson by asking the question, “What do you think she was thinking as she fell at the feet of Jesus?” She, being the woman that reached out to Jesus in absolute desperation. For twelve desperate anxious years she had lived in absolute agony. She had lived with a disease that had sucked the very life out of her. Emotionally she was a wreck, mentally she was worn out, physically she was exhaust- ed, and financially she was depleted, and religiously she was deemed unclean. Her only hope was found in Jesus. Again I ask the question, “What do you think she was thinking as she fell at the feet of Jesus?”

Oct 14- One Desperate Reach

Lesson: “One Desperate Reach” Scripture: Mark 5:21-43-key passage Mark 5:27-34 Lesson Goal: To see and understand Jesus’ healing power (physical and spiritual) toward a woman in complete desperation. Introduction: Today we continue our study of Jesus’ Life and Ministry focusing our attention again to Mark chapter 5. In chapter 5 we find Jesus taking on “what could be called three cases of incurables.” How- ever when Jesus shows up, everything changes. Jesus is Lord over demons, disease, and even death.” (Akin)