Midyear Education Summit 2022 Sessions

Real Ministry Requires A Real Look at Ministry

The Work of The Holy Ghost

November 2, 2022 • Bishop James D. Tindall, Sr.

Listen to our Presiding Prelate Bishop James D. Tindall, Sr. preaches on the power of the Holy Spirit as recorded in scripture and the accounts of the Saints in antiquity when it appeared there was no other help. Surely the Lord is in This Place!

Bishop Dwayne Mason

November 2, 2022 • Bishop Dwayne Mason

What helps you transition your mind and heart so t?at you can fully participate in Worship.

Bishop Wesley

November 2, 2022 • Bishop Cynthia Wesley

Getting comfortable with setting boundaries and using opportunities to say no to the things are pressing to be added to a full plate.

Bishop James Bryant Sr

November 2, 2022 • Bishop James G. Bryant, Sr.

A zone of depression, how are you doing by getting closure with thoughts about work, so you can get deeply into other parts of your life. What could help you do this better?

Bishop Antonio Gibson

November 2, 2022 • Bishop Antonio Gibson

how are you doing at gracefully and effectively initiating conflict or contrast in your ministry?