Get Down or Lay Down

July 9, 2023 • James Hanna • Matthew 10:34–42

Dive into the thought-provoking sermon by James Hanna as he explores the challenging words of Matthew 10:34-42. Discover the deep meaning behind "Get Down or Lay Down" and gain valuable insights on discipleship, sacrifice, and the cost of following Christ. Watch the impactful video sermon and be inspired to live a bold and purposeful Christian life. Join us on this transformative journey of faith!

Justice Knows No Boundaries

June 9, 2024 • Rev. Rodman W. Cory

Equip to Make Disciples

May 26, 2024 • Rev. Arthur Connor Jr. • Matthew 28:19–20

Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. delivers a transformative sermon on the divine command to make disciples. In "Equip to Make Disciples," the focus is on Matthew 28:19-20, where Jesus not only encourages but commands believers to spread His teachings.


May 19, 2024 • Dr. Jeffery Singletary • Joshua 2