God Has A Purpose for It

God's People

October 15, 2023 • Rev. Arthur Connor Jr. • Romans 11:11–36

In this sermon titled "God Has A Purpose for It" from the series "God's People," based on Romans 11:11-36 ESV, profound insights into God's divine purpose unfold. The sermon delves into the purpose behind the rejection, emphasizing that it ultimately serves a higher divine plan. It highlights that God's grace should never be misinterpreted as an opportunity for arrogance. The message reveals God's intricate purposes and plans that span throughout eternity, all ultimately centered on His enduring glory. 

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God’s People | His People By Grace - Metropolitan Baptist Church

October 8, 2023 • Rev. Arthur Connor Jr. • Romans 11:1–10

- TITLE: His People By Grace  - SERIES: God’s People  - SPEAKER: Arthur Connor, Jr, Lead Pastor - SCRIPTURE: Romans 11:1-10 (https://bit.ly/48madcv) - SERMON NOTES: https://bit.ly/3f8ujd8 - CONNECT CARD: https://metrobc.us/connectcard - GIVE ONLINE: https://metrobc.us/giving - DOWNLOAD OUR APP: https://metrobc.us/app - EVENTS: https://bit.ly/3zd2bf5 - WORD HABIT GUIDE: https://metrobc.us/word_habit Join us for an enlightening sermon titled "His People By Grace" as we start our series on "God’s People," drawing insights from Romans 11:1-10. Discover the wisdom in asking for help, understanding that it's not a sign of weakness but rather a display of wisdom, supported by Romans 10:13 and John 1:12. Explore the notion that God has saved those who call upon His name, recognizing the existence of a remnant of believers within Israel. Delve into the profound truth that our salvation is solely by grace (Rom 11:5-6), and reflect on the importance of relying on faith in Jesus, not self-effort, for righteousness (Rom 11:7-10). Join us on this journey of faith and grace. 🙏✨     ABOUT US Metropolitan Baptist Church exists to meet people where they are and point them to Jesus…the living hope. We are a ministering multicultural community of New Testament believers, functioning under the power of the Holy Spirit, in faithful obedience to the scriptures. We believe the gospel changes people and people change the world. We accomplish this by pointing our lives to God through worship, pointing each other to Jesus through community, and pointing the world to Jesus through missions. METROPOLITAN BAPTIST CHURCH - Rev. Arthur Connor Jr., Lead Pastor - 7200 Davie Rd Ext., Hollywood, FL 33024 - WEBSITE: https://metrobc.us  #HisPeopleByGrace #GodsPeople #Romans11