On A Mission

Gospel Stories

April 7, 2024 • Rev. Arthur Connor Jr. • Luke 19:1–10

Embark on a transformative journey through the Gospel Stories series with "On A Mission". Delve into Luke 19:1-10 to explore the diverse missions at play—those seeking Jesus, those obstructing others, and Jesus' ultimate mission of seeking and saving the lost.

To Stay or To Go

May 5, 2024 • Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore • John 6:60–69

Experience the profound sermon "To Go or To Stay" by Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore as he delves into John 6:60-69. Explore the timeless question of whether to stay or go in faith.

The Kingdom

April 28, 2024 • Rev. Arthur Connor Jr. • Mark 1:14–20

Explore Pastor Arthur Connor Jr's enlightening sermon, "The Kingdom," from the dynamic Gospel Stories series, based on Mark 1:14-20. Uncover the essentials for building a Kingdom organization, including personal lordship, committed people, and the right master.

Hope for the Hopeless

April 21, 2024 • Rev. Arthur Connor Jr. • John 5:1–15

Discover "Hope for the Hopeless" in our Gospel Stories series as we delve into John 5:1-15. Broken people find hope, and missed opportunities to rejoice are revealed. Join us for transformative insights and find your assignment in God's plan.