The Sower Harvest and Reapers

Harvest Thanksgiving Service

November 27, 2022 • Rev. Hervin Green • John 4:32–39

Harvest Thanksgiving

November 26, 2023 • Rev. Dwight Fairclough • Leviticus 23:1–8, Leviticus 23:9–11, Leviticus 23:14–17, Leviticus 23:22–28

Embark on a reflective journey of gratitude with our sermon, "Harvest Thanksgiving," rooted in Leviticus 23:1-8, 9-11, 14-17, 22-28, 33-34, 39-44. Discover the profound truth that God is the Lord of the Harvest, echoing through Matthew 9:38 and Psalms 65:8-13. As we explore the appointed festivals in Leviticus 23, we find God urging us to collectively celebrate His essence and the specific blessings He bestows upon us. Uncover the significance of our offerings, a heartfelt reflection of gratitude for God's provision. Moreover, delve into the compassionate act of sharing our harvest with the less fortunate, echoing God's love. Join us in this harvest-themed celebration, resonating with the closing melody of "The Goodness of God." #harvestthanksgiving #metrobc

The Cost of Following Christ

October 29, 2023 • Al Fernandez • Luke 9:57–62

Delve into an illuminating sermon titled "The Cost of Following Christ" with guest speaker Al Fernandez. Grounded in Luke 9:57-62, this message uncovers the profound challenges and sacrifices associated with a life of discipleship under Christ's guidance. Explore the transformative journey of unwavering commitment, recognizing the profound cost and immeasurable rewards it entails.

The Sovereignty of God

October 22, 2023 • Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore • 1 Chronicles 29:10–13

Delve into the profound concept of God's Sovereignty with Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore in this inspiring sermon. Drawing from the wisdom of 1 Chronicles 29:10-13, Rev. Gallimore will guide us to a deeper understanding of God's supreme authority and its significance in our lives. Join us for an enlightening message that explores the awe-inspiring Sovereignty of God.