Doubt It

"Doubt It" dives into the struggle of faith amidst uncertainty. We explore aligning with God's truth to overcome doubt and stay undivided in faith, inspired by a father's faith story from the Book of Mark. A series about the triumph of faith over spiritual and emotional turmoil.

North, South, East, Wait...

August 28, 2022 • Angelique Mathis

Listen to Angelique Mathis encourage us how to get into alignment with God by faith when we’ve been doubting for so long.

Unapologetic Ask

August 21, 2022 • Pastor Carrie Erikson

Listen to Pastor Carrie Erikson encourage us to continue to ask God again and again in the midst of doubt and He’ll come through, even if it’s not how we imagined it.


August 14, 2022 • Pastor Matt Erikson

Listen to Pastor Matt Erikson encourage those of us who know God can but sometimes get caught wondering why He doesn’t or if He even can.


August 7, 2022 • Pastor Matt Erikson

Listen to Pastor Matt Erikson encourages how to become a person whose focus and faith is undivided while living in a culture that feeds us a daily dose of doubt.