Worship & The Word

Worship & The Word

Complete Peace • September 15, 2020 • Wes Nehring

Where is your peace meter today? 1 = No Peace _____ 10 = Complete Peace Find out how Psalm 131 can point us to the place of complete peace in today’s Worship & The Word devo. Instrumental Music: Premonition by Somniscape | Calm | Vol. 4

The Dwelling Place of Unity

September 8, 2020 • Wes Nehring

Where is your heart dwelling today? Find a place that both you, and those around you will benefit from in this week's Worship & The Word. Instrumental Music: Ephemeral, Somniscape | Calm Vol. 4 Suggested Song for Worship: “We Are The Body” by Brook Hills Music

Worship & The Word

The Maintenance of Unity • September 2, 2020 • Wes Nehring

What do a Honda Accord and unity have in common? Both are things you have to ________ . Find out in today's Worship & The Word devotional. Instrumental Background Music: Station by Somniscape | Calm, Vol 4.