Alliance Youth Senegal Trip

Application Deadline: June 12th

December 12, 8:30am - December 22, 2024 8:30pm

This trip to Senegal, West Africa will be primarily within the capital region of Dakar. We will be experiencing Senegalese life through the lens of the CAMA families who serve there and their ministries. There will be four components to the trip.

1. The first experience we will get is in the capital city of Dakar where we will interact with some different slum communities where CAMA workers are building relationships. We will also explore downtown.

2. The next component of the trip will be to interact with Missionary kids who live and go to Dakar Academy. Dakar Academy acts as a boarding school. Many families across West Africa will send their kids to Dakar Academy throughout the school year. Our students will get a chance to see and experience their world and experience growing up in Africa. Our students will also get a chance to share their culture of growing up in Wisconsin (which is quite foreign to these African MK’s).

3. Thirdly, we will go 45 minutes East of the city and spend a day in the city of Thies where the CAMA workers have partnered with a girls’ school there. It is a school that provides a second chance for local girls to get a good education. These girls otherwise may not have had a chance to continue schooling. 

4. The final stretch of our trip will be an hour south of Dakar in the coastal city of Mbour, where we will experience bush life and some of the agricultural initiatives that the CAMA workers have going on out there.

Team Size:


Zach and Anna as leaders with 7 students maximum.


COST: $1,855 - 2,255


$1,400-1,800 for round trip flights from MSP-Dakar. Flights can vary so by the time we purchase tickets, prices may have changed.


$455 of in-country costs for the CAMA workers to host, feed and take us around the country.


*$200 deposit is required upon returning the application. If more than one student in a family is applying, then the deposit for each additional student is $100. Please make checks out to Menomonie Alliance Church.

*If you are not selected to be a part of the team (or you change your mind before June 12th), the deposit will be returned to you. If you are selected to be a part of the team the $200 will be applied to your account and is no longer refundable.

INTERVIEW PROCESS: Applicants will be interviewed by Zach, Pastor James and Marilyn Maves as scheduled June 18th, 19th, or 20th. Team is chosen by June 25th. Interviews will be scheduled between 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on each of these days.

PARENT AND APPLICANT MEETING: On May 19th, 11:15 am - 12:00 pm, we will have a meeting to go over the trip details and answer any questions students and parents may have.


-Specific vaccines are not required to enter Senegal and they do not check any paperwork at the airport upon entry. The CDC has a recommendation page on their website for people visiting Senegal if you are interested in taking a look. Note that the time of year we are going and the places we are visiting are optimal for less risk of bugs and disease.


-Modesty is also an important note that will be mentioned in the packing list. Long pants are required for both men and women. Long sleeve shirts are required for women in public, along with nothing that is remotely revealing. 


All sessions are required to be at. Please arrange schedules accordingly.  

●     Sunday, June 30th - 6:30-8:30pm

●     Sunday, July 14th - 12:00-2:00pm

●     Sunday, July 28th- 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, August 11th- 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, August 25th – 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, September 8th - 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, September 22nd - 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, October 6th -11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, October 20th - 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, November 3rd - 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, November 17th - 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, December 8th - 11:15-1:00pm

●     Sunday, January 12th - 11:15-1:00pm