An Interview with Kimberly Hobbs

Dr. Stan Ponz, Kimberly Hobbs

Dr. Stan Ponz interviews Kimberly Hobbs Kimberly Hobbs is an International Bestselling Author, as well as a faith life coach having a “hearts passion” to encourage and coach others to develop a more POWERFUL, connective relationship with their Creator. She has had interviews with Moody Bible Radio “God at work” and other television appearances sharing her stories and she finds joy in helping others achieve their own relationship with God. She is the co-founder of Women World Leaders, a ministry which empowers Women to find their beautiful purpose which God has designed for them. Kimberly is married and lives in South Florida with her husband, they own and operate their own Financial Coaching Business. Together they share a heart for missions, serving consistently in South Africa. They take teams of people with them each year to introduce them to “serving others” overseas. Kimberly is an established artist with much of her work reaching around the country and across the world. She helps raise support for her mission passion projects and her 138 orphan children she loves through Kerus http://global.org in S. Africa. Kimberly and her husband together have 3 grown children as well as grandchildren and extended family in the state of Ohio. For more information or to contact Kimberly, email: http://kimberly@womenworldleaders.com

An Interview with Joe Castillo - Part 2

Dr. Stan Ponz, Joe Castillo

An Interview with Joe Castillo - Part 1

Dr. Stan Ponz, Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is an expert on crafting your story in the best way. He has applied his creative genius to the challenge of communication. His unique content stimulates the mind, creative SandStories capture the eye, powerful music engages the ear and success stories grip the heart. Joe is an expert in helping leaders, corporations and individuals make their event a success. A native of Mexico City, Joe Castillo grew up in a bi-lingual home, surrounded by art and the cosmopolitan culture of an international city. In his teenage years he developed a passion for using art to tell stories. He created his own comic book series and regularly combined one art-form with another. Moving to Florida, he attended Ringling School of Art, and graduated from Florida Bible College. He started his career by founding The Advertising Library, an agency in Knoxville, Tennessee. After 20 years in advertising and public speaking, he created the ‘live art’ experience he calls “SandStory.” Joe is an artist, speaker and storyteller with a passion for promoting the visual arts as a way of touching the heart. His artwork continues to sell worldwide. He is the author of three books and countless articles, performed in 45 states and 26 countries and continues to write, innovate, and inspire wherever he goes. Joe & his wife Cindy have four grown children, six grandchildren and call Atlanta GA, home. “Joe Castillo is without question the most unique motivational and inspirational artist in the world today!”

An Interview with Domingo Guyton

Dr. Stan Ponz, Domingo Guyton

Dr. Stan Ponz inteviews Rapper, Actor, Producer Domingo Guyton

An Interview with Sam Sorbo - Part 1

Dr. Stan Ponz, Sam Sorbo

An Interview with Sam Sorbo - Part 2

Dr. Stan Ponz, Sam Sorbo