The Bible Says

Human Trafficking

September 15, 2022

The Dangers of Vaping

December 1, 2021




Dangers of Vaping Teaser

Make It Clear Studio will be releasing the next episode of The Bible Says series "The Dangers of Vaping" in December of 2021 on our free streaming site http://www.makeitclear.tv

Addiction Affliction

Josiah Coile


Trafficked - The First Three Minutes

Watch the first three minutes of the Make It Clear Studio short film "TRAFFICKED" If you would like to rent the full video and all the bonus content go to http://trafficked.makeitclearstudio.com If you would like to purchase the DVD or Blu-Ray of TRAFFICKED go to https://store.makeitclear.org Watch it on http://saltflix.com

Trafficked Trailer

Trafficked Music Video

The Bible Says - Behind the Scenes

A look behind the scenes of the making of "The Bible Says" series

Bullying as Experienced by the Crew

The Bible Says crew talks about how they have experienced bullying in there life.