Digital Discipleship

What is Digital Discipleship?

Pastor Shawn Vandop

Welcome to Digital Discipleship. Our goal is to equip you to connect with Jesus by learning to interact with the Bible through journaling and listening prayer. Digital Discipleship includes a short weekly video teaching along with a download of weekly devotions that will help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. We encourage you to do the weekly devotions in the order they are listed as each one builds on the next. As you take the time to be equipped we would love to hear from you. You can send your questions, testimonies and feedback to hello@mainstreetchurch.ca NOTE: We want to thank www.churchrenewal.com for providing the Daily Devotionals for Digital Discipleship

Feed Yourself

Lesson 1 - Establish a Devotional Life to Abide in Christ • April 1, 2020 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

Be Still

Lesson 2 - Quiet Yourself to Hear God’s Voice • April 8, 2020 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

The Power of Journaling

Lesson 3 • April 15, 2020 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

Grow in Godly Character

Lesson 4 - God Expects us to Grow in Godly Character • April 22, 2020 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

Ten Steps to Grow in Godly Character

Lesson 5 • April 29, 2020 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

Prayer as Praise and Thanksgiving

Lesson 6 • May 6, 2020 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

Repent and Confess

Lesson 7 • May 13, 2020 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

Jesus Expects Us to Obey

Lesson 8 • May 20, 2020 • Pastor Shawn Vandop