Sharing the Gospel as Actually 'Good News'

February 4, 2024 • Ben Connelly

Today, we have Ben Connelly (pastor & founder of "The Equipping Group") speaking to us about what it tangibly looks like to share the Gospel as the "Good News" that is truly is.

What's Your Story?

May 26, 2024 • Pastor Kevin Fricker

We all love stories... How can our stories be used to tell others about Jesus?

Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?

April 28, 2024 • Scott Thomas

Today, Scott Thomas from the Great Commission Collective joins us and we dive into Acts 12, to answer the question: is anything too hard for the Lord?

Frank Turek Feb 25 2024

February 25, 2024 • Dr. Frank Turek

This morning, we are joined by Dr. Frank Turek and he takes us through answering the question "Does Love Require Approval?".