Can I Trust God?

December 3, 2023 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

When it comes to our finances, the question that gets asked should not be "Do I love God?" BUT instead should be "Do I Trust God?".

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How to Give Generously

December 10, 2023

In part 3 of our GeneroUS series, Pastor Shawn reveals to us that God's plan for us is not just for us to go from A to B, but to go from A to B to C. Watch this sermon to understand how that ties to tithing, giving, and the generosity of believers.

Am I Generous?

November 26, 2023 • Pastor Shawn Vandop

Before we get into the Christmas season, we're diving into everyone's favourite topic: money. Today, Pastor Shawn gets us to inquire of ourselves, "Am I generous?".