Men's Cornhole Buckle Series

Series 3 of 3

March 22, 2024
6:30 - 10:00pm

Join our Men's Ministry for the Cornhole Buckle Series Series dates are January 19th, February 16th, and March 22nd. Please read the rules below before registering. This will take place in the sanctuary. Hot dogs & chips will be provided. Rules: - You must register with your partner (the team must stay together for the whole series to qualify for the buckle) - $40 per team for the series (2-person team) - To qualify for the buckle the team must make two of the three events - 1st and 2nd determined by head-to-head play per event - 3rd and 4th determined by head-to-head play per event - 5th through 8th determined by points scored in the third round of the tournament - The team with the highest total points wins the buckle at the end of the series - Any ties will be decided by head-to-head play