Artificial Intelligence & the Soon Coming Mark of the Beast!

Interview With Celeste Solum & Lyn Leahz

April 22, 2020 • Celeste Solum

Ex Fema worker Christian, Celeste Solum reveals things that will not only give you chills, but send you to your knees in repentance! She also reveals information that has never been revealed on any other interview! Be sure and share this video everywhere and help get the word out! It's time to REPENT!

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Peace In the Midst of Panic, Confusion & Chaos Dr Michael Christian

October 22, 2020 • Celeste Solum

Celestial Wonders Interview With Dr. Michael Christian - "God's Intelligent Design: Conscious Light Body Interaction" Celeste chats again with Dr. Michael Christian from Australia (www.microprismoptics.com.au) where they discuss how the current dissonance in the world, that lacks the harmony and coherence that we as a society once had (to some degree) – that lack of “being” as it were... Dr. Christian’s focus is on how to help people bring their own spiritual well-being into harmony, as well as the “doing” and “being”. Join Celeste and Dr. Christian for this enlightening conversation that you might never expect coming from an optometrist, who looks at the eyes as being only part of the holistic approach to healing ourselves and the world.

Public Health Insider Reveals Valuable Information You NEED TO KNOW!

October 19, 2020 • Celeste Solum

Public Health Insider “Sammy” (we’ve hidden his identity to protect him) goes on the record with Celeste about public health and infectious disease, COVID testing – the different types and how reliable they are (or not), contact tracing – what to expect when you get the phone call or the person knocking on your door, and how to deal with the questions they ask, and a discussion of what the vaccine might be and how to legally get around vaccines in general, exemptions, etc. Sammy also takes questions from Celeste’s patron community and answers with specifics. This interview is very valuable if you’ve been affected by COVID, and at this point, that’s nearly the entire planet to some degree.

The Quantum Nurse With Grace Asagra

October 2, 2020 • Celeste Solum

Celestial Wonders Interview With Grace Asagra - "'The Quantum Nurse" - 9/24/20 Philippine-born Grace Asagra (www.graceasagra.com) (www.quantumnurse.life) visits Celeste for an informative conversation about natural health and growing up in the Philippines, learning those customs and bringing them into her nursing practice. Her website describes her protocols as “Alternative Quantum Energy Medicine & Holistic Healthcare for Healthy Longevity: Blending traditional Filipino Hilot healing practices and alternative modern care, Grace can help you realize your best self, be mindful and healthy, and find the energy to excel in life. Her individually tailored programs achieve this through nutrition, lifestyle and behavior changes that bring meaning and healing to you so you can live a healthier and happier existence, be fully present in every moment.” Grace’s positive outlook on life and her approach to real healthcare is something we can all learn from. Join them for this really great discussion you won’t want to miss.