The Mysterious Demise of A Child & The Cause of Death Will Shock You!

What Experts Discovered Left Them Speechless!

August 2, 2020 • Celeste Solum

Barbara Wilson gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. All was well until baby Julie received her vaccinations at only a few months old. At that point, Barbara's "previously healthy" baby girl failed to thrive, and then suddenly, later, died. Top doctors and researchers from all over the world met to find answers, completely unprepared for what they would find...what they discovered left them stunned & speechless! But now, finally, Barbara has answers. And what is revealed is not only deeply disturbing, but what it means for us today is absolutely tragic! This is a must see for everyone! Please help us get the message out by sharing this link.

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Something Far Worse Than Covid?! The "MIND" VIRUS!

It Crept In Unaware, Hidden By Pandemonium! • August 10, 2020 • Celeste Solum

David Icke Joins ‘Celestial Wonders’ To Discuss The So-Called Pandemic, And Even Worse: The ‘Mind Virus’ Celeste lets David (www.davidicke.com) have the floor, and he educates us in his down-to-earth, practical approach for which he has become famous around the world for in his many books and videos, spanning decades. Once a target of media folly in the UK, now with the so-called “pandemic” madness – from lockdowns to testing to face masks and social distancing, many people are now starting to realize: ‘This David Icke chap has been right about this stuff all along!’ Now even Big Tech is banning him everywhere they can (which means his message threatens their power). David and Celeste discuss how this ‘virus of the mind’ scenario is playing out, and how humanity is on the verge of losing all of our freedoms, just by simply acquiescing to authority. This is a don’t miss interview and an invaluable education.

Essential Tips For Using Essential Oils & A Lotion Bar-Making Class

August 1, 2020 • Celeste Solum

Celeste is joined by essential oils expert-user, Jennifer Bejcek (www.mydoterra.com/relief) and they discuss using oils to not only keep away pesky bugs, but also how to use essential oils for minor first aid relief. Jennifer even provides a PDF document of more info: https://www.lostartsradio.com/pdf/celeste/Jennifer%20Bejcek%20-%20Essential%20Oils%20for%20use%20with%20Bugs%20and%20First%20Aid.pdf. After their main discussion, we go into Celeste’s Rocky Mountain home kitchen where she gives a class on how to make essential oils lotion bars from scratch. Join us and learn the benefits of using natural, essential oils in your life.

Hidden Wonders of Music - Celestial Wonders Interview With Gareth Icke

July 28, 2020 • Celeste Solum

Celeste is joined by Gareth Icke (www.garethicke.com) to discuss his experiences with music, playing live, and recording – and traveling the countryside to bring unique, custom-written music to the small, working-class towns in the UK. Gareth also discusses the differences in playing music tuned to the more positive 432Hz instead of the “normal” 440Hz. Lastly, they touch on how the pathogen has affected musicians’ ability to not only play live, but to earn a living – and how the rebellious nature of musicians in the past to buck the official narrative, seems to have been all but erased.