Ep. 3 - Peter is Sifted


March 3, 2021

This internal monologue runs through Peter's heartbroken reaction to denying Jesus, his new understanding of Christ's mission, and his resolve to return to that mission with all his strength.

Ep. 9 - John the Beloved

March 3, 2021

John talks about his experiences between the cross and the empty tomb and points to the Second Coming.

Ep. 8 - Thomas, A Faithful Apostle

March 3, 2021

Thomas talks about how Jesus met him in the center of his doubt and will do the same for listeners.

Ep. 7 - Mary's Revelation

March 3, 2021

The mother of Jesus speaks about her own suffering as Jesus suffered and died and reveals that on Easter morning the light finally ended the darkness of not only her suffering but all suffering.