1 Peter - Jude

How To Fight For Your Faith

November 29, 2020 • Mike O'Connell


November 15, 2020 • Todd Doxzon

Watch Verified as Pastor Todd breaks down what it means to be verified by Jesus and not the world. In this message, he asks some key questions for us to consider. Are we living in the light with transparency? Do our lips match our lifestyle? Are we genuinely loving our neighbors? These questions act as a litmus test to the authenticity of our faith. We won't always get these things right but we should desire a lifestyle that reflects these characteristics, which will ultimately reveal Jesus to others.

How To Win In Marriage

November 8, 2020 • Todd Doxzon

If you missed last week we encourage you to watch "How To Win In Marriage" as Pastor Todd and Denise have a candid conversation about the keys to winning in marriage. In this message they unpack 1 Peter 3 with humility, transparency and vulnerability. The wisdom and insight shared will give you greater confidence for how God designed marriage to function. You will walk away with practical handles that will help you win in your marriage.

Are You Passing The Test?

November 1, 2020 • Kappes Chatfield

This year our faith has been tested as we have all faced unexpected trials. Pastor Kap challenged us in Are You Passing The Test? to examine our hearts and consider whether or not we are passing the test in this season. Check out this message, and be encouraged that you will pass the test as you obey the spirit of God daily.