Framing it Out

Week 2

June 14, 2020 • Donnie Paschall

Watch as Pastor Donnie preaches on what it means to intentionally be a disciple of Jesus and to share the gospel.

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Open House At the House

June 28, 2020 • Donnie Paschall

Welcome to Week 4 of DIY Church at Home! All month we have been talking about how we are to be PARTICIPANTS not SPECTATORS in the mission of the church. In fact, we have been saying that we don’t just go to church, we are the church. Today as we close out our series we are opening our houses and doing just that. In fact, we hope you are gathered together in your home right now with others as we speak because today is going to be very hands-on as we help you facilitate church where you are.

Drying It In

June 21, 2020 • Pastor Hector

Watch as Pastor Hector models discipleship in a family setting.

Drying It In

June 21, 2020 • Pastor Donnie

Watch as Pastor Donnie models discipleship in a one on one setting.