Redemption Revealed From Eden to Eternity

Lifeline, Part 1

March 7, 2021 • Whit Lewis, Senior Pastor

A Lifeline is a thing on which someone or something depends or which provides a means of escape from a difficult situation. A rope or line used for life-saving, In this series we are reminded again that redemption of mankind was planned before the foundations of the world the path is not as straightforward as following a MS delta highway. It's following a blood-stained thread from Eden to Eternity. This series will lead us on a journey through Scripture tracing the unique path of redemption woven in red.

Lifeline, Part 2

March 14, 2021 • Whit Lewis, Senior Pastor

As we continue our Lifeline series we take a look back to Genesis 22 at four phrases that describe the story: 1. Preparation (Gen. 22:1) To set the stage we see several things that occurred in chapter 21. - Abraham's first son, by the name of Ishmael, leaves the family. - There is an altercation between Abraham and one of the local leaders that gets resolved. - The birth of Abraham's second son, Isaac, takes place. After these things, God tested Abraham. There was a period of rest between chapters 21 and 22 while God was preparing Abraham to face the greatest test he would ever face in chapter 22. - Do you ever fear what God might allow to come into your life? - Do you ever wonder if you'd be able to handle some great trial or heartache like this? During the period of rest God prepared Abraham and made sure that he learned what he needed to know and that his walk, his faith, was stable. You need to know that Abraham is about to suffer this great trial because of what God tells him to do, but afterwards comes a great blessing that follows on the heels of the trial. There's a great reward that is coming after this hardship. 2. Examination (Gen. 22:1-2) "Tested" - to prove value, to prove quality, to prove the worth of something It is true that God tests you. It is also true that Satan tempts you. - God tests you to bring about your development and growth - Satan tempts you to bring about your destruction Abraham's test was to see who he loved more. Did he love God more than his own son whom he loved so deeply? 3. Submission (Gen. 22:3-10) How is Abraham able to respond obediently? - Abraham had come to know for certain that God is faithful and can be trusted. He knew that God is not fickle and untrustworthy. He knew for certain that he could trust God. • Hebrews 11:17-19, “By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac. He received the promises and yet he was offering his one and only son, the one to whom it had been said, Your offspring will be traced through Isaac, He considered God to be able even to raise someone from the dead;” Application: What do you do when life seems illogical? Get theological. Start reasoning based upon God's character. Let your calculation, your logical thought, be upon who you know God to be. 4. Anticipation (Gen. 22:11-14) God renamed the place "The Lord will provide" using future tense. There's an anticipation, an expectation of something else to come. "In the Mount of the Lord, it shall be provided." It is a foreshadowing of the coming Christ. There are many similarities between Isaac and Jesus. - Isaac and Jesus were both born miraculously - Isaac and Jesus were both promised - Isaac and Jesus were both named by God before they were born - Verse 2 is the first use of the word love in the Bible which in context reflects the love of a father for his son while he gives his son in sacrifice. - The peak of Mount Moriah is called Golgotha - Isaac carried the wood for the sacrifice and Jesus carried His own cross The difference for Jesus was that there was no ram caught in the thicket. There was no substitute for Jesus so that he, himself could live. When Abraham lifted that knife, all of Heaven must have marveled at how a man could love God so. But when Jesus died on Mount Moriah on that cross, all of Heaven was stunned at how God could love mankind so.

Lifeline, Part 3

March 21, 2021 • Whit Lewis, Senior Pastor

Stories of transformation give us hope, inspire us, and motivate us to consider that things can be different. The story of Rahab from Joshua 2 is a great story of transformation. She was transformed from shame into God's hall of fame, from prostitute to princess, from harlot to heroine, from somebody who walked in the night to somebody who walked in light. All of that was demonstrated when she showed her faith by a cord, a rope of scarlet, a scarlet-covered rope out the window. There are several things to consider as we look at Rahab: 1. Her status as a working prostitute The whole point of Rahab, in fact the whole point of most of the biblical record is God's grace, that God saves undeserving people. Ephesians 2: 8-9 By grace, you have been saved. Through faith, not of yourselves. It is a gift of God. Not by works, lest anyone should boast." 2. Her service as a willing protector 3. Her salvation as a work in progress a.) She heard about God It's all how you look at things. If you look and say, we have big enemies, it's because you have a little God. If you have a big God, your enemies shrink. You have a big God, then you have little enemies. You have a little God, you have big enemies. It all depends on how you look at it. b.) She believed what she heard If your faith depends on visible signs, then if the sign is missing, you faith will struggle c.) She demonstrated what she believed It was an outward sign of her faith 4. Her significance as a wonderful paradigm None are so bad that they can't be saved, and none are so good that they don't need to be saved. We want to urge you to take the next step with Christ. Take that step of surrender, salvation. Take that step of repentance, the turning away from your sin and turning to Christ. Take that step of obedience to follow him. Want to talk with someone about your next steps with Christ? Text "Next" to 662-301-9107 to connect with one of our pastors. We would love to hear from you.


March 28, 2021 • Whit Lewis, Senior Pastor

As we continue our LIFELINE series this week we are looking at Isaiah 52 & 53. We will see that Jesus was treated the way we deserve to be treated so that we could be treated the way that Jesus deserves to be treated. As we look at this passage let's consider and meditate on Jesus the Servant: 1. A Sovereign Servant (52:13) 2. A Suffering Servant (52:14, 53:4-5, 7, 10, 12) 3. A Sinless Servant (53:9) 4. A Silent Servant (53:7) 5. A Substitutionary Servant (53:4-8, 10, 12) 6. A Saving Servant (52:15; 53:11) Fill in Notes available at this link: https://notes.subsplash.com/fill-in/view?page=s4fqV6MFQmR

LIFELINE, Conclusion

April 4, 2021 • Whit Lewis, Senior Pastor

In the conclusion of our LIFELINE series we look at how God is in the business of Restoration through Redemption in the Resurrected Christ. The text for today's message is found in Revelation 1 & 5. John wrote the Revelation of Christ while exiled on the Isle of Patmos. From these passages we can note several things: 1. The Scene 2. The Savior 3. The Song Link to fill-in notes: https://notes.subsplash.com/fill-in/view?page=5IbWPo7dyRe