God & Government

The Church and the State

October 25, 2020 • Whit Lewis, Senior Pastor

What is the biblical relationship for Christians and government? In this 2-Part series, Pastor Whit will walk us through how our life in Christ should influence our view of government and the actions we take as a result. What is the Command for Christians? Submit to governing authorities Authority is God’s idea Authorities are appointed by God What is the Conduct of Government? To punish wrong To protect Good What is the Christians Response Towards Government? We Are to Pay for Our Government We Are to Pray for Our Government We Are to Praise Our Government We Are to Participate in Our Government We Are to Persuade Our Government What are other Common Questions? 1. How far can a Christian go in expressing opposition to an unjust government? 2. What should Christians do if the government orders them to do something that conflicts with their faith? 3. What about civil disobedience? 4. What does it mean to be a good Christian and a good citizen?

Voting for the Donkey, the Elephant, or the Lamb? - God & Government (Part 2)

November 1, 2020 • Whit Lewis, Senior Pastor

We are swimming in toxic political waters that are poisoning the unity Jesus has for His church and this church, and we are polluting the glory Jesus deserves through us in the world. In this message Pastor Whit challenges us to look to the word of God, our final authority in the Christian life in all circumstances- even in how we vote. Voting for the Donkey, the Elephant or the Lamb? Luke 17:20-33 1. Christians have a Responsibility to Vote 2. Christians have a Reason to Vote Pastoral Encouragements to consider when voting: • Vote Righteously • Vote Morally • Vote Family • Vote Principles o Vote principles over party o Vote principles over pocketbook o Vote principles over popularity o Vote principles over political speech