Whit is Grounded (with a very special guest!)

Special Guest: Annlea

Let's Get GROUNDED! Whit and Annlea are here to share briefly from personal time in our Grounded Journal from this week. You can join us by downloading the Grounded Reading Plan and H.E.A.R Journal from LHBC.me/Grounded or through the Longview Heights App. We are finishing up Week 7 and will begin Week 8 this coming week.

Debbie is Grounded

Debbie is here with this week's staff Grounded devotion. You can join in our Grounded reading plan through the Longview app, LHBC.me/Grounded OR pick up a Grounded Journal from the Connect Center on Sunday or Wednesday.

James is GROUNDED!

This week we hear from James as he shares with us from his personal time in our Grounded Reading plan!

Rusty is Grounded

Each week one person from our staff shares about his or her personal time in our Grounded reading plan. This week we get to hear from Rusty Parsons our Director of Operations. You can join with us in the plan at LHBC.me/Grounded.