Wholehearted Faith for 2018: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Part 1 of the Wholehearted Faith for 2018 series

January 7, 2018 • Todd Malone • Deuteronomy 1:19-33

Looking forward to what God has for us next year can bring both excitement and fear. God's people experienced something similar approaching the Promised Land. We will learn from their mistakes as we anticipate 2018.


Sermon #3: Shepherd and King • September 23, 2018 • Todd Malone

Micah 1 & 2 reveal God dealing with the people’s corruption, especially the injustice caused by greed. Chapter 2 ends with the hope that God does not abandon them to judgment.


Sermon #2: Following the Money • September 16, 2018 • Todd Malone

The name Micah means, “Who is like God?” The peoples of his day thought they had an answer: wealth. Micah warns that God will deal with greed, because it destroys lives.


Sermon #1: God's Authority • September 9, 2018 • Todd Malone

The name Micah means, “Who is like God?” The assumed answer is that no one is like God. But that didn’t keep His people from replacing Him with idols. A warning: the idols of their day look a lot like the idols of our day.