Sabbath School Replay - 11-9-19

November 9, 2019 • Miguel Mendez

Congregational Singing: Bruce Cotton, Jianna Nation, Elizabeth Alao, Amelie Zalsman | Opening Songs: Hear I Am to Worship by Clayton Koh, Ukulele | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: Ronald Trautwein | Special Feature: Erin Messinger, Ann Lee | Prayer for the Offering: Clayton Koh | Offering: Church Expense | Offertory: LLA School Song by Fredine Crosby Clayton Koh and praise team kids | Lesson: The Reading of the Word by Miguel Mendez | Closing Prayer: Miguel Mendez | Postlude: Selected various

Sabbath School Replay - 12-7-19

December 7, 2019 • Miguel Mendez

Sabbath School Replay - 11-30-19

November 30, 2019 • Miguel Mendez

Sabbath School Replay - 11-23-19

November 23, 2019 • Calvin Thomsen

Congregational Singing: Lance Hundley | Opening Hymn: The Wonder of It All No. 75 | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: R. Ernest Castillo | Musical Selection: Rise Again by Jeff Wood, arr. Sam Ocampo | Special Feature: Muslim Ministries in North America by Gabriela Phillips | Prayer for the Offering: Mehbub Khan | Offering: Church Expense | Offertory: Del Delker Medley arr. Sam Ocampo | Lesson: God and the Covenant by Calvin Thomsen | Closing Prayer: Calvin Thomsen | Postlude: Selected Various