Sabbath School Replay - 6-8-19

June 8, 2019 • David Smith

Congregational Singing: Cherry Ignacio and Jan Nick | Opening Hymn: There’ll Be No Dark Valley No. 208 | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: Hans and Lily Diehl | Special Feature: “Man-Eaters of Malekula: The Raw, the Ugly, and the Beautiful” by Bernard Brandstater | Prayer for the Offering: Bernard Brandstater | Offering: Church Expense | Offertory: The God Who Sees Kathie Lee Gifford, Daphne Leon, soprano Nicole Mullen | Lesson: “Little Times of Trouble” by David Smith | Closing Prayer: David Smith | Postlude: Selected Various

Sabbath School Replay - 6-1-19

Baccalaureate - Loma Linda Academy • June 1, 2019 • Kristian Leukert

Prelude: Un sospiro Franz Liszt by Natasha Thomas, harp transcribed by Henriette Renié | Pastoral Welcome: Shawna Campbell | *Processional: Festive Processional by Edwin T. Childs | Morning Prayer: Alyssa Knecht | Welcome: Sarah Seo | Instrumental: Trio Be Thou My Vision arr. Sharon Wilson Amanda Bora, piano; Chloe Hegstad, flute; Michelle Santos, cello | Tithes and Offerings: Local Church Budget by Delaina Mangunsong | Offertory: Never Alone by Kirk Franklin, Tori Kelly Claire Balli, Jasmine Bilbao, vocals; Dave Cosejo, guitar & vocal; Justin McGrath, cajon & vocal | Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 1:1-8, TNIV by William Herrmann | Anthem: Draw Me Nearer arr. Gary Rhodes Senior Choir; Amanda Bora, piano | Introduction of Speaker: Jordan Alnimri | Sermon: “Does Jesus Matter?” Kristian Leukert | Benediction: Tiana Campbell | *Recessional: Praise the Lord With Drums and Cymbals by Sigfrid Karg-Elert

Sabbath School Replay - 5-18-19

May 18, 2019 • Miguel Mendez

Congregational Singing: Laura Tobing, Gabby Martinez, Christian Soeharsono, Meghan Baranda, Sam Bolivar | Opening Hymn: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus No. 290 | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: Rade Milosavljevic | Special Feature: “Serving the Leper Colony in China” by Bonnie Chin | Prayer for the Offering: Gabby Martinez | Offering: Church Expense | Offertory: He Will Carry You by Scott Wesley Brown Ryan Davis, piano; Laura Tobing, guitar; Justin Herling, cajon | Lesson: “Keys to Family Unity” by Miguel Mendez | Closing Prayer: Miguel Mendez | Postlude: Selected Various

Sabbath School Replay - 5-11-19

May 11, 2019 • Miguel Mendez

Congregational Singing: Marina Williams | Opening Hymn: Shall We Gather at the River No. 432 | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: Lolita Campbell | Special Feature: “Deliverance from the Rwanda” by Genocide Liberata Ashilevi, Ralph Watts | Prayer for the Offering: Ralph Watts | Offering: Church Expense | Offertory: A Mother’s Prayer by Keith & Kristyn Getty Sarah Tan, vocal; Amy Tan, piano | Lesson: “The Royal Love Song” by Miguel Mendez | Closing Prayer: Miguel Mendez | Postlude: Selected Various