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Season 1 • Roy Ice

Sabbath School Replay - 9-14-19

September 14, 2019 • Danilo Boskovic

Congregational Singing: April Muya | Opening Hymn: Oh, How I Love Jesus No. 248 | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: Julie Majestic | Special Feature: Outreach Park Ministry by Shawnte Tamasoaalii | Prayer for the Offering: Shawnte Tamasoaalii | Offering: Church Expense | Offertory: Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin Emily Castillo, vocal; Maya Castillo, vocal and guitar | Lesson: Living the Advent Hope by Danilo Boskovic | Closing Prayer: Danilo Boskovic | Postlude: Selected Various

September 14, 2019 2nd Service Replay

September 14, 2019 • Joey Oh

Video Announcements | Prelude: Prelude by J. Schulty | Pastoral Welcome: Roy Ice | Hymn of Praise: Christ for the World No. 370 | Prayer: Roger McQuistan | Prayer Response: We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace arr. W. Hooper, Heralds of Hope D. Wareham | Tithes and Offerings: Local Church Budget | Offertory: Give of Your Best to the Master No. 572 | Lamb’s Offering: Happy All the Time by Alan Price | Children’s Feature: Dan Matthews | Child Dedication Eden Elizabeth Weber by Roy Ice | Special Music: No Man Is an Island arr. D. Wareham Heralds of Hope | Teacher Dedication and Blessing: Joelle Reuer & Students | Meditation | Scripture Reading: Daniel 1:1-8, TNIV by Zdravko Plantak | Sermon: Why Go to School? by Joey Oh | Song of Reflection: In This Moment by Wood/Boggs Kaitlyn Mamora, vocal; Aimee Leukert, piano | Closing Prayer: Joey Oh | Postlude: Fantasy on the Hymn, Holy, Holy, Holy arr. Piet Post