Open Doors

The Faithful Church

July 30, 2017 • Shola Lufadeju

When you make God your source, you can never dry up. See your promise land, stop seeing your giants. Claim those promises of God for your life! By serving God faithfully this year, God will give you what money cannot buy. As you remain faithful in your service, your doors of favour will begin to open. Jesus is the only true door. Prayers. Lord visit me through your open doors and give unto me what money cannot buy.

DAY 3 - Open Door

Revelations 3:8 • July 28, 2017 • Shola Lufadeju

Special Message(s): The letter was written to a very small church facing persecution, however the church of Philadelphia held fast to their faith - a true and faithful church. God is at work in your life; he is working in the background. Simply remain faithful and committed like the church in Philadelphia. When you are faithful in service, the Lord will reward you. For you to walk through the right door, you must close every door that has been opened to the enemy. - Prayer Focus: Your doors of progress in every area of your life will be opened. This is your season of elevation, enlargement and expansion. Doors be opened for my destiny helpers to locate me in the coming months of this year in Jesus' name. Lord grant me the grace to trust you even when times are tough. Every door I have opened to the enemy through lack of faith, let them be shut in Jesus' name. Help me to stay away from anything that can take God's place in my life in Jesus' name.

DAY 2 - Open Door

Revelations 3:8 • July 27, 2017 • Enoch Adebisi

Bible Reference: Revelation 3 - Special Message: Only God has the key to open your door. - Question: What is God telling you about the rest of 2017? - Bible Reference: Revelation 3:8 - Special Message: If you want your door to be open, you need to keep God's Word in your heart. - Prayer Focus: I will not deny the Lord's word In Jesus' Name - Question: Who are you listening to? God or the World? Prayer Focus: The grace to stand firm for God will be given to us In Jesus' Name God shall grant us open doors In Jesus' Name God will strengthen you In Jesus' Name Grace for us to keep God's Word shall be ours In Jesus' Name We shall not miss our opportunity for open doors In Jesus'Name No one shall hold our crown In Jesus' Name Grace for us not to turn back on God shall be ours in Jesus'Name

DAY 1 - Open Door

Revelations 3:8 • July 26, 2017 • Joshua Olutoye

Three Days fasting and Prayers: Open Doors Source: Revelation 3:7-9 Bible Reference: Revelation 3:7-9 -Group Discussion: Have you endured patiently -Rhetorical Question: Are we a faithful church -Definition of the Key of David: It is a key of access, power and authority -Rhetorical Question: Do you know God has opened before you an open door -Group Discussion: You have little strength Rhetorical Question: Even in the midst of your problems, are you still worthy before God? There are three things to note: 1.There will always be problems when you about to have an open door;embrace your challenges 2.Embrace your weakness 3.Embrace the power God has given to you