Resurrection Power

John 11:17-44

Resurrection Power - Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Service • April 1, 2018 • Shola Lufadeju

Resurrection Power - Day 2

March 29, 2018 • Enoch Adebisi

Bible Reference: John 11:25 & 26 - Question 1 : is there life before or after death? - Answer: People can live after death - Bible Reference: Job 14:14 - Special Message: Life is coming only if you have faith After "Death" comes, there is still life Special Message: Jesus claims that he is resurrection power. However, there were also two people, Elijah and Enoch had life before death. So life before death also has its existence. They never died but ascended. Question 2: Do you know God's plan for your life? Do you believe Christ can give you more life? -Answer: Jesus said that he can -Prayer Focus: God will give us the grace to be alive God will give us the grace to live a life for him -Bible Reference: John 11:26 Question: Are we qualified to meet God after death? Do you know that your Redeemer lives?

Resurrection Power - Day 1

March 28, 2018 • Joshua Olutoye

When you believe that God has resurrected there are 5 things to remember: 1.It is the resurrection power of life that gets us through rough times: Life will never be just like bread and butter when you are a Christian. Even the apostles were persecuted. However, God can always help us. 2. Resurrection power is the basis of our future hope: If Jesus did not promise us heaven then we will take advantage of Jesus. However, we are looking forward to going to heaven and not hell. Resurrection power keeps us on track. 3. Resurrection power guides us: When we live our house we need God's power. We commit our lives to God. The holy spirit also guides us through this power 4. Ressurection power is what makes us carry our responsibility: The only person that can help us win is Jesus. 5. Resurrection power allows us to experience peace: Before you start a battle, you know you have won. If you would've have lost hope at one point, you wouldn't because of your knowledge that ultimately, victory is yours. -Prayer Focus: God will make your impossibilities to be possible Special Message: We have a joyous message that Christ is alive! -Prayer Focus: You will experience resurrection power

The Colt & the Crowd

Loose them and bring them to me • March 25, 2018 • Shola Lufadeju

Matthew 21:1- 12 Mark 11:1-11 Luke 19: 28-40 John 12: 12 -19