Higher Ground

October 14, 2018 • Rev. Shola Lufadeju • Joshua 14:6-13

Other verse(s) used.....1 Timothy 4:10, Hebrews 11:6, Numbers 14:24 Main note(s) Life is like a race. We are on a journey. Caleb is one of the greatest characters in the Bible. He was completely devoted to God even in times of trouble. There are many giants in life like problems and other issues. Human beings discourage people day and night and it is up to us whether we will be discouraged by people's action.Sometimes all of us become disappointed in one another. Just because one of Paul's friends did something that he didn't like it did not discourage him. We should not allow the unfaithfulness of others to discourage us. We have a choice but we have to choose whether we stand or fall. God has promised us victory and we should be confident that we claim what sour possession. Some of us allow our problems to make us bitter. And some of us make ourselves a better person through our problems. It is easy to be kind to others when things are going well with us. But can we treat others nicely when people aren't kind to us? Caleb was a determined individual. He did not allow his circumstances to effect him. We should have consistent faith because we will be rewarded by God because he is not a human that has limits. God doesn't have limits.