Living Waters 50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 Glorious Years of Faith and Fellowship: Living Waters Christian Fellowship's Golden Anniversary

October 28, 2023
4:00 - 7:00pm

Join us in commemorating five decades of unwavering faith, inspiring community, and God's boundless love as Living Waters Christian Fellowship proudly celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Event Highlights: 🎉 Golden Reflections: Step back in time through a captivating journey showcasing the church's remarkable growth, cherished memories, and the incredible individuals who have shaped our story. 🙏 Special Worship Service: Experience a heartfelt worship service dedicated to the past, present, and future of our congregation. Together, we'll offer gratitude to God for the blessings that have enriched our lives. 🌟 Community Fellowship: Reconnect with familiar faces and forge new friendships during our celebratory reception. Relive stories, share laughter, and share in the warmth of our church family. 🎶 Musical Tributes: Be swept away by soul-stirring musical performances that pay homage to our journey. Let the melodies uplift your spirit and remind you of the moments that have defined us. Celebrate with us as we celebrate 50 years of faith, unity, and the countless lives transformed. This momentous occasion is more than an anniversary – it's a celebration of the profound impact our church has had on individuals and the wider community. As we embrace our past, embrace our present, and envision an inspiring future, we invite you to be part of this joyous milestone. Whether you're a longtime member, a friend of the church, or someone curious about our journey, we extend a warm welcome to join us in commemorating 50 years of Living Waters Christian Fellowship. Together, we'll celebrate the past and embrace the limitless possibilities ahead.