January 28, 2018 • Rob Wegner

Each day we encounter people in areas that we work, play, and live in. Rob Wegner unpacks an intentional approach to living on mission as a Christ follower called B.L.E.S.S. What would our world look like if we were to decided to intentional engage with the people we encounter every day?

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Loving Others Like God Loves You

1/7/18 • January 7, 2018 • Chris Cerna

If we are being honest, it can be hard to truly love people. It's a command that is given to us by Jesus and I believe that many people truly want to love others, but why is it so difficult? It can be easy to love people in our minds our with our words. When it requires us to take action, its not as easy. During this message Pastor Chris dives in to why it is so difficult for us to do what love requires of us. *Spoiler* It has to do with our ability to receive God's love daily!

Top Down Thinking In a Bottom Up World

1/14/18 • January 14, 2018 • Mike Grubbs

From the time we are born, we have bottom-up thinking. We think about situations and decisions from our perspective instead of God's. What if we began to think about those same things from God's perspective? How would that change our lives? In this message, author and professional counselor Mike Grubbs challenges our thought processes and the lens at which we view the world through!

Chair Time

1/21/18 • January 21, 2018 • Zak Windsor

Hearing from God can sometimes feel difficult, but it doesn't have to! In this message, Zak unpacks a powerful and effective spiritual discipline called chair time. When we begin to intentionally set aside time to listen for God voice, we realize he has been speaking to us all along. We simply needed to stop talking and start listening.