Dangerous Prayers

Send Me

March 26, 2017 • Ned Lenhart

This Sunday we turn to the final chapter of our March preaching series, "Dangerous Prayers." Having tried, "Search Me," "Break Me," and "Use Me," we finish up with a prayer of availability, "Send Me." If you were to offer up a prayer to God using words like these, where might God send you? And once there, what do you suppose God would have you do? Spoiler alert: everything hinges on God's truly amazing grace!

Use Me

March 19, 2017 • Bryan Wood

This Sunday we move into the next chapter of March's preaching series, Dangerous Prayers, with, "Use Me". What happens to us when we make it to this point of surrender? How will God choose to use us? Join us as we discover the transformation process hidden in the preaching theme: "Use Me".

Break Me

March 12, 2017 • Ned Lenhart

Search Me, O God

March 5, 2017 • Ned Lenhart