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Pastor: Adrian Porter


December 5, 2021 • Adrian Porter • Matthew 5:14–16

EACH ONE BRING ONE! A personal invite goes a long way to opening door for people to encounter jesus. As we shine our light in a dark world we discover the power of a positive invite . In this message we receive practical steps and opportunities to shine by taking an invite to a neighbour! Lets pray to God for a great return on these efforts!!

Vision cast 2022 SHINE

November 20, 2021 • Adrian Porter • Matthew 5:14–16

As we launch a new series called SHINE about putting our lamp on a stand, we also launch our vision cast for the coming year Share your Story, offer Hospitality, Invite, Nurture and Engage with our community. The first 10 mins is our vision cast and then followed by the introductory message SHINE.


November 27, 2021

Hospitality is such a gift and so important that elders and deacons must have this gift to be appointed. For the saints God requires us to show hospitality to strangers i.e. those not yet in the house of God. This week we look at the power of hospitality to be a table for the lost, a door to bring reconciliation, a place for the broken and a place for the presence of Jesus!


Adrian Porter

This message helps us to understand what it means to love God and aligns us to have this ONE LOVE for God that impacts all our relationships and circumstances. We learn to love God with an exclusive love, an obedient love and persevering love. To love God with all of our heart, all of our mind, all of our soul and all of our strength.


October 31, 2021 • Adrian Porter • Romans 15:13

Hope in a Hopeless world: This message points us to God... who is hope! When things seem lost and all hope is gone Romans 15:13 is a great verse to fix our eyes on God in tough times as he is our Hope. a Game changer when applied!


October 24, 2021 • Helen Edwards

We're called to have the mind of Christ but in order to do so we have a personal responsibility and accountability to apply the truth of God's word in partnership with the Holy Spirit. To change our minds and make different choices. Our personal pursuance of a healthy mind has an impact on the Body of Christ and how we can become of One Mind despite our differences. So let's look at how we apply the four "R's" to a healthy mind to move together as One in Him.


October 17, 2021 • Thabani Nyoni • John 17:20–21

Every Church must be known as a House of Prayer (Matthew 21: 13). There is a time to pray alone, and other times we are called to come together and be ONE in prayer. The early church often met and prayed as one. Why not listen, as Thabani shares the importance of praying together - Matthew 18: 19 - 20


October 10, 2021 • Matt Rees

Have a listen to Matt's sermon on ONE VOICE!


October 3, 2021 • Adrian Porter

The church was never meant to be a cruise ship, but a rescue ship for the lost! This message explores the One Purpose that Jesus gave the church, to GO and Make Disciples of the nations.


September 26, 2021

This message of One heart looks at the benefits of becoming One in heart together as a church, but also looks at the Challenge of the condition of the human heart and the transformation Jesus can do in our hearts to allow us to share in this One heart!

Freedom Sunday

September 19, 2021 • Zoe Anderson

This freedom Sunday, hear from Zoë Anderson about God's heart for justice and for us to be people that act justly, love mercy and walk humbly, as she shares inspiring stories from the frontline of International Justice Mission (IJM)'s work to end slavery.

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

September 5, 2021 • Matt Ress • 1 Timothy 6:12

Come and have a listen to Matt talk about how we can fight the good fight of faith.

We Are a Family

August 29, 2021 • Matt Rees

Come and hear how We Are a Family in this week's family service message.

Don't Neglect the Gift

August 22, 2021 • Helen Edwards • 1 Timothy 4:14

In 1 Timothy 4:14, Paul instructs Timothy not to neglect his gift. Whether it's through fear, discouragement or ignorance, we need to be aware of the impact that neglecting our gift can have on others not just us. He has given us both natural and supernatural gifts to be used for His glory. But it's when we know the gift giver that we value the gift all the more. This morning's message encourages us to "dust off" the gifts God has given, to use them wisely and to persevere so that we finish the race strong.

Sharing Your Faith

August 8, 2021 • Adrian Porter • 1 Timothy 2

Sharing our faith is sharing our story and His story where they collided in you and I accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour... But this great message is not just for us! In this week's preach, we look at how we can effectively share this message as encouraged to do so in 1 Tim 2!