Unshakeable: Week One

Living an Unshakeable Faith in a Fear Filled World

Make a Difference: The Standard

Make a Difference: Encouragement

Make a Difference: Integrity

Make a Difference: Add Value To People

Make a Difference: The Stewardship of Influence

A Collection of Talks on Influence

How Do I Live?

For the Win: Be a Gap Stander

For the Win: When Warfare Hits Home

For the Win: Swing the Sword

For the Win: Truth About Deception

For the Win: Stand

For the Win: The Principles of Spiritual Warfare

Gathering: The Results

Gathering: It's a Group Project

Gathering: Go Vertical

Like Him: Presence

Like Him: Passion

Like Him: Valuing Others

Like Him: Humility

Made Ready: God's Our Builder