What are YOU devoted to?

Devoted to Prayer

A Service Devoted to Prayer • February 3, 2019 • Charlie Dray

On February 3, 2019, God sparked a deep time of prayer and worship at Live Oak. Join us for a powerful message and moment of devotion to prayer.

Devoted to Generosity

There is a difference between giving and being generous • January 27, 2019 • Michael Beaumont

How do you move from being a giver to being generous? It all depends on how devoted you are ...

Devoted to Fellowship

Stop Going to Church! • January 20, 2019 • Michael Beaumont

Going to church and being planted in the House of God are NOT the same thing. Being devoted to fellowship is a HUGE part of following Jesus.

Devoted to Life-change

Worship and Devotion go Hand in Hand • January 13, 2019 • Michael Beaumont

Being devoted isn't about changing your habits, it's about changing your heart, and that all depends on what or who you worship.