Easter 2019

Look Again

April 21, 2019 • Michael Beaumont • Easter at Live Oak 2019

Whether you've heard the Easter story a hundred times or if it's still brand new to you, we invite you to LOOK AGAIN ... there is more here than meets the eye ...

Not the Boss: Anxiety

February 9, 2020 • Eric Campbell

Pastor Eric delivers a powerful message about the battle for anxiety in each of us.

Not the Boss: Envy

Envy, You're Not the Boss of Me! • February 3, 2020 • Eric Campbell

Pastor Eric talks about envy and how best we can deal with it.

Not the Boss: Anger

In your anger, do not sin ... • January 26, 2020 • Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell shares about the power of anger as a defense mechanism, and how it can lead to sin if we're not careful.