Finding Your Way in a Crazy World

Staying The Course

Clean Living

Getting Past Your Past

Total Stewardship

Three Battlefields

Straight from the Heart

We all have sinned, and our only hope of salvation is found in Jesus. The message of Jesus Christ is the power of God for salvation for everyone who is being saved and for those who need salvation.

The Great Awake

Be Strong in the Lord


The mind of Christ

The Holy Spirit is not a Bird

Today's culture has formulated some crazy ideology surrounding the Holy Spirit and, sadly, has turned many people off to the idea that a relationship with Him is a valuable and an obtainable reality. In this message, we are going to debunk the quirky, false claims that we have been led to believe about the nature of the Holy Spirit.


God has called us all to be free in Him, but in order to get past our struggles and trials, there are things we must realize and put into action in our lives. God has not left us alone in our fight but offers us power through His freedom.

Capitalizing on Your Capacity

Every believer has significant choices to make on a daily basis related to the potential of Spirit-guided and Spirit-enabled living. Help is available! By principle, promise and example, the Scriptures provide directives for receiving the revelation and reality of Divine purposes and possibility. This message will identify ways that each follower of Christ can be prepared for what God has prepared for them.

The Strength of a Man

Men, what makes you strong and where are you finding that strength from? Put your faith in God and take the Biblical stance of how to become strong vs. the world’s viewpoint. Make sure that you allow God to be the one that you get your strength from by spending time with Him every day.


Sometimes in life, it's hard to understand the direction that God has for our life. We can look at the life of Joseph in Genesis to see that God uses different paths in our life to get us to the specific destination he has for us.

The God of Pentecost

The Three Baptisms

God has outlined three baptisms that He wishes his followers to follow. Baptism by believing in Jesus, baptism in water, and baptism by the Holy Spirit.

Things We Remember

We don't live according to the events of our past. . . Rather, we live according to the interpretation we give to the events of our past.

Facing Your Wall

Faith is trusting God for His will to be done, not trusting Him for the results that you want. When you trust Him for His will you are able to follow Him without questioning Him and it doesn’t matter how scary or difficult or crazy it sounds to you.

A Mothers Journey

A mother's love is a powerful thing but it wasn't strong enough to save Mandy's daughter. But God's love was. We don't know where our mother's journey will go but if we trust God it can take us to amazing places.