Covid-19 Update 20/11/2020

November 20, 2020

In response to the updated health orders made by the BC Government and Bonnie Henry on 19/11/2020, LifeSpring Church will temporarily be suspending in-person gatherings. We will plan to resume services in December after the current health order expires. Other events such as The Vibe Youth, Belong Class, Friday Morning Prayer and our Encounter Night will also be suspended temporarily as we look to shift these to an online format in the meantime.

Update from Kids Director Ariana

March 21, 2020 • Ariana Behm

Heres an update from our Kids Director, Ariana, + she shares resources and great tips on how you can engage your kids during our online church service tomorrow. Read on! Parents, the curriculum has been uploaded to the website so parents go to (mylifespring.ca/kids/) to access Thrive Kids and Adventure Kids to access videos and activities that go with it. Tip 1 Bring your kids in during worship just like we do on Sundays at church, then have them in a different room watching the curriculum as you are learning from Pastor @bryanewdavis . Afterward, ask them questions about what they learned from the videos - whether it was that their favorite pencil was blue, or whatever it was about Jesus. We want them to continue being excited about what God’s doing in their lives. Tip 2 We have a challenge based on the creative element this week. Each week there’s a memory verse to go with the curriculum. So your challenge is to create a fun and interactive video and send it back to us with the hashtag #lifespringchurchathome. We’ll pick the video with the most creative element, and they’ll get with a prize next week. Also, parents we know you might have extra time on your hands so we’ve attached the Parent Cue app (theparentcue.org/) which you can access also on the Lifespring Kids site. Simply download it and get access to resources that will help you start conversations with your kids. We love you all so much and we hope to get to spend time together again soon. We hope that these resources provide opportunities for you, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out on my email ariana@mylifespring.ca

Update from Pastor Bryan

March 20, 2020 • Pastor Bryan Davis

Well hello LifeSpring Church! We are heading into another weekend service and I want to make sure you are fully up to date on all that is happening around here. So here are a few updates for you... 1. This weekend will probably look a little different than last weekend in that we are going to encourage smaller groups getting together instead of larger groups. We want to encourage you to invite one other family perhaps and try to keep your group size not much bigger than 10-15 people. Of course, you need to make sure to do all the stuff like wash your hands, avoid people if you exhibit any symptoms of being sick. 2. Our online experience will include worship from our own team, as well as a message from both Pastor Dyane and myself. We also will be uploading all the curriculum for your kids to our website. So, you can get your kids going on another device and print out a handout for them while you are watching the sermon. We do want to encourage you to spend time as a family together in worship. Don't put the kids somewhere else while you are worshiping, bring them into the room with you. Engage them in conversation. I heard one family gave prizes to their children if they could remember one thing from my message last weekend. That's a great idea! Now more than ever as parents we need to be intentional and creative! 3. I want to ask all of you to be thinking of someone else in the church and then go ahead and call that person, check in to see how they are doing. You should isolate yourself but you can still connect with people via text and phone. 4. We are going to have two forms on our website that will be for helping people in this crisis. One is for prescription pickup and the other is for grocery delivery. If you know of anyone who needs help in either of those areas, head to our website, fill out the form and we will make sure it happens. 4. And lastly, don't forget to post pics of your family worshiping together and use the #lifespringchurchathome - we will be choosing one random winner who will win a gift card to a local small business. It's a great way to stay connected and support local businesses. That's all for now! We love you and miss all of you! Let's continue to pray and believe for a breakthrough with this virus and that through it all God will get the glory!

Shifting to Church at Home

Coronavirus Update • March 13, 2020 • Pastor Bryan Davis

IMPORTANT UPDATE RE: WEEKEND SERVICES Yesterday the Health Minister Adrian Dix advised that gatherings over 250 people be cancelled to slow down the spread of the virus. This is critical because the virus is spreading quickly and if too many people are infected at once, the burden on the health care system and health care workers could be crippling. Though our individual services don't equal more than 250, combined our services do break that barrier. So in order to honour the provincial authority on these matters and to help curb the rapid spread of this virus, we are going to shift the gathering of the LifeSpring Church family from one location to multiple locations. We are not CANCELLING church, we are simply SHIFTING where the church gathers. So, starting this Sunday we will not gather at our main building, and we are asking everyone to have "CHURCH AT HOME". Invite some church friends, invite your neighbours and have church in a smaller group setting at your place! We are also working on creating a number of different groups all throughout the city that you will be able to connect with by next Sunday. Each Sunday at 10am you will be able to watch a special online message, as well as have a youtube worship setlist you can follow along with. All you need to do is open up the LifeSpring Church app or go to our website www.mylifespring.ca We aren't and never will be motivated by fear of what could happen. God is bigger than the Corona Virus and bigger than the panic people are facing. At this time, let your light shine even brighter than before. Be a person of faith and trust in the Lord, speak life and stay at peace. This will be a great testimony to the world around us and God will get the glory. Stay connected to our social media channels and watch your email for important updates as we move forward together.