LCCYM Guys Retreat - "Spiritually Swole"

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November 8, 12:30pm - November 10, 2019 3:00pm

There comes a time when a boy must head out into the wilderness, and come back a man... I think I heard that in a movie... Our Guys Retreat is a: 1. Place to unplug: no cell phones 2. Place to test yourself: sleep in a tent in November 3. Place to GROW: spiritually AND emotionally 4. Camping Trip Like No Other: We'll be on a farm, nestled between two mountains in Appomattox, Va, livin' off the land... it's the life 5. Life Skills Trip: learn to pitch a tent and cook a meal without modern kitchen appliances Stuff you'll need: - sleeping bag (for cold weather) - warm clothes and pajamas - a Bible - a good pair of shoes for hiking - deodorant is optional You can bring: - a fishing pole and tackle - a hammock - an airsoft gun with airsoft ammo * - hiking clothes * airsoft guns will be left with an adult leader until it's time to use them Cost for this retreat is $50. You must be registered by October 20th. You can register online or by paying Ryan directly. If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Dent.